Tuesday, April 22, 2014

90s marvel and a Monster Couple

Spent the morning at a book store sketching. I'm trying to improve my character design while practicing for Free Comic Book Day. I used to scratch away endlessly but with my hand issues, I need to be more deliberate with my lines. 

Comics were definitely a thing for me growing up, but I learned so much more from the cartoons, action figure bios, and random trading cards. 

That said, I think if you even walked past a comic shop back then they gave you a copy of Hearts of Darkness starring Ghostrider, The Punisher, and Wolverine.

I've always drawn Spider-Man smaller and skinnier than most. Recently I've been thinking that along with strength and agility, there's be some weirdness transferred with spider DNA. Instead of making him super cool, it'd make him even more strange. Parker would be a little creepy sometimes. His spider sense would give him a weird tick, he'd be tying knots in strings, or elaborate cats cradles with rubber bands. As Spider-man he'd always be crouching, scurrying about on walls, or hopping around. Or just sitting there perfectly still, no expression through that mask. Creepy Bug would be his nick name.

Ideas like that are why I'll never work for Marvel.

I used to never be able to draw a decent Venom. Then I based him on the Tasmanian Devil. Now I could draw him anytime. 

Carnage is like an octopus. He mass of ever changing skin tones and textures. His goopy arms can go from liquid to pointy in an instant. That'd be fun to see animated.

Galactus might become my favorite character. He's been the last of his kind for thousands of years and he doesn't care what you think of his giant helmet or metal kilt. It's like going out in sweat pants. Wait, no. Cut-off sweat pants.

While I'm learning this new felting craft, I've basically been copying designs. That's fine to start, but I know to stand out I've got to be different. So I'm pushing my character designs there too. So the monster is like a wall with miss matched parts and the bride is kind of a lamp shade with arms. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coming Soon! The 13/13 Commission Sale!

On Friday the 13th in June, the only one in 2014, thirteen slots will open for 11x14 pen wash monster sketches! 

Anything keeping with my general aesthetic works. Classic monsters, creepy cute stuff, horror icons etc. Comic fans got lots of choices too. Superman? How bout Bizarro? Spider-Man? How bout Hobgoblin? So on and so forth. Batman pretty much always works.

Subjects not limited to character number. I price by size and medium. So one figure will get more detail in an image than say five will in one. Same for backgrounds. Be as specific as you like, but it'll all get filtered though my abnormal brain! 

High quality paper, warm and cool tones, for $85 each. Free shipping US, $10 shipping everywhere else. 

I'll have a space available in the online store starting at 1300 hours (1pm) June 13, 2014. First come first serve. No excuse for missing out this time!

Mark your calendars, or join up on the fan page:


Monday, April 14, 2014

Felt works!

And the resurgence of my etsy store. I've discovered needle felting as a new craft. It's really satisfying creating something you can hold. I still enjoy sculpey, but this is do much more immediate and forgiving. I can do a lot of the work left handed. 

After purchasing a kit I made this little guy free style. 

You can give him a home at only $25, free US shipping $10 international shipping. https://www.etsy.com/listing/186203627/felted-bat

After that I started on a Frankenstein's Monster. He's 9" tall and has a wireframe for posability and maybe animation...

I've got a lot more ideas and concepts for future creations. Right now I'm really into staying with black and white while I learn. In addition to all originals, I want to do all the Universal Monsters, Ed Wood, The Marx Bros, Mickey Mouse...the list goes on but you get the idea. I also found a bunch of greens on sale. With a new movie on the way, Godzilla is definitely in the mix soon.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Where the Dead Things Are

Maurice Sendak by way of Edward Gorey as drawn by me, Thomas Boatwright.

It's available in my print store as wall art, prints, a mug, and t-shirts in a variety of sizes and colors:


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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