Monday, February 26, 2007


Welcome to my blog. I'll be posting news about my doings and goings on in the world of illustration and cartooning.

A quick overview to catch you all up

Attended the Joe Kubert School in NJ for one year (2002-2003). It just wasnt for me.

Worked on a small horror movie production that never came to be. I was the concept artist. I was going to work on storyboards and even help the make up guys create the monster.

While working on that production I worked with Ryan Rubio. After it was over we decided to keep working together.

I started turning one of his old short film scripts into a graphic novel. While working on that, we came up with the concept that would become Cemetery Blues.

Premiered first issue of Sequential Matinee at Free Comic Book Day 2005. It contained the first 10 pgs of Squared Circle (the graphic novel) and a short story of Cemetery Blues. It also contained another short story in text format with illustrations.

Based on the feedback from that issue we decided to move forward with Cemetery Blues. Squared Circle is on hold for a bit, but every now and again we'll break it out and talk about it.

While Ryan wrote a number a Cemetery Blues shorts, I sketched on the characters endlessly. Working and reworking the characters attributes. After a few months of that we began work on the first Cemetery Blues mini-series.

Cemetery Blues: The Curse of Wallace Manor premiered at Heroes Con 2006. It went over like gangbusters! People from across the building would see it in the hands of folks who bought and question where they could get their own copy! Issue two came out in September. Issue three however was delayed because of the printer. Otherwise it would have been out in time for Christmas and made a lot of people happy. Unfortunately that didn't happen and we're looking in to finding another printer. Issue three IS available...somehow. If you need a copy hit us up at

Back in Dec 06 a gentleman by the name of Dwight L. MacPherson put out a bulleting seeking artists to fill in on one of his web comics. My contribution for WHACKED! ran during the week of Christmas and it turned out very well. Dwight told me about his next creation and said my art would be perfect.

I began work on The Surreal adventures of Edgar Allan Poo back in Dec. Originally it was to be just a weekly web comic to tie in with a children's book. However as we progressed it seemed publishers were becoming very interested in publishing it. The work load was bumped out and after working my self silly (for NO pay mind you) issue 1 was completed around the middle of Feb. For a project to go from concept to first issue completion in only 2 months is almost unheard of in this business. Usually only the big guys can pull that off.

So as off right now, Ryan and I are looking for a publisher for Cemetery Blues while preparing for the next mini and possibly webcomic. Dwight is sending Edgar Allan Poo to every publisher he knows to get it picked up, which means I'll actually get paid for working so hard.

Finally, what Im most excited about, is that I'm very close to finishing Zeke Deadwood: Zombie Lawman. I've had this idea for over 4 years now and it will finally see the light of day around the end of March if not sooner!

So that's about all you need to for now. I'll be posting artwork, updates, and anything about what Im doing here. Check out my Deviant Art account to see my illustration work and a few random cartoons.

there ya go

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