Saturday, March 10, 2007

How I Did It

People seem to want to know how I do the Edgar Allan Poo strip. Well the first step is the rough pencil stage. Here's what it looked for the the current page (as of writing). This is done at around 8.5x12.75 inches on Bristol Vellum.

Next I ink it with a cheap modified Calligraphy pen. I used sand paper to create a more quill like tip rather then the flat one. I scan that into Photoshop. I adjust levels and then use a series of brushes to fill in blacks and do some nice effects (texture, splatter, etc)

I make a layer and set the blending mode to multiply. I use another series of brushes of my own design to sort of an ink wash look. Then I add in some textures with the pattern stamp tool and add in a layer of cardboard I scanned to give it a nice grainy feel. This keeps it looking more natural. Basically I do my best to make it look like i DIDN'T do it in Photoshop.

On to the colour! I add in yet another layer and set the blending mode to color. i fill it with a nice tone to set the mood. For these sea pages I use a nice mid green that gives it a cloudy salty sea air. I grab a soft brush and set the opacity real low (like 15%-25%). I "paint" in different tones to either give it more mood and/or actual color, usually from a light source. In this case the lanterns.

Finally I do one more layer for the fog/mist/light. I just go over the page loosely to fill in where it feels right. I erase off where it needs to stop to create borders or more of an illusion of light. Then I flatten it and send it on to Thomas Mauer to be lettered. He works his magic then its on posted on the website by the writer, Dwight L. MacPherson!

Hope you all enjoyed that. Now I have a place to direct new readers who ask "How did you do this?" BTW New strips go up every Saturday for The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo!

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Jocelyn said...

And I get to watch it all first hand! I'm the envy of all nerds. heh heh