Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What the deuce?

Deuce indeed. This will be the cover to the second Edgar Allan Poo book. I wont be doing the interior art, but I said goodbye to the little fellow with a lovely painting.


shane oakley said...

gorgeous work - otherworldly/dreamy colours, and it's expertly composed.
how come you're not doing the 2nd POO book?
cheers, shane.

Boatwright said...

Thanks. I cheated a little and painted all the elements on separate layers so I could resize and move them around as needed. ;)

There's so much else I want to get to, and frankly, I've done everything I wanted to do on that back.

Creator owned books are a labor of love, and my heart just wasn't there. It's best for all involved and the book itself if I moved on.

T.J. Kirsch said...

This is the first I've heard that you weren't doing the second Poo book. Keep me informed man!

I'm happy you're concentrating on the C.B. book. What's this I've heard of a movie option?

Fill me in!

Boatwright said...

Haha! not much on the movie thing. Just a company maybe interested in possibly looking at it for a future option. About as solid as the smoke their blowing. hahah

I'll send you an email to update on things.