Friday, February 29, 2008

Dont cry for me.

Me am already dead.

I have nothing but anger and sadness for the fact that a creature called the Cookie Monster is no longer allowed to live off cookies. He now must teach "Cookies are a sometimes food" by example. He eats vegtables and has a well rounded diet. Which is fine for humans but he's a COOKIE monster! He's genetically made to live off of cookies.

So what Sesame Street is really teaching children is who you are is wrong if it offends other people.

What if there was a plant muppet (like Audrey II but without eating people). Plants live off the sun. But too much sun can be harmful. So should we have a plant puppet put on sunscreen and a big floppy hat so children wont bake themselves to death?


Here's a fond memory from my childhood. He even teaches a lesson. Not everything should be a cookie, and even if it was, he woulndt eat something he loves.

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banana said...

haha, ive never think about it that way.. but good point you are making . poor cookie monster..