Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Gentleman of Good Taste: Part I

A Gentleman of Good Taste: The Thomas Boatwright Profile, Part One
By Kristy Valenti

Thomas Boatwright can be considered a comics artist auteur. Aesthetically, Boatwright's washed art is sensitive, though not delicate: it's solid. It has impressive range: his characters are cartoony enough to be expressive, but detailed enough to lend them a sense of corporeality; his backgrounds lend impressive scale and a good deal of atmosphere to the proceedings; he's mastered the technique of cinematic tableau, of conveying the impression that's he frozen the most exciting moment, from the most dramatic angle, of an action; but if I had to define his signature, it would have to be that he has taste (which is uncommon enough in all genres of comics, including those considered sui generis).

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