Monday, December 21, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hello Optimus Kitty Prime

My girlfriend likes Hello Kitty and Autobots.

There ya go.

BTW Ive made it available as a variety of prints, posters, mugs, etc in my Deviant Art Print Shop.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A That's My Dracula Christmas

So my friend Adrian posted this on Facebook:

"Presents are bought and wrapped! Now tonight is the test run for placing them under the tree. Bets on how many Dracula will try to open?"

Now, having followed her posts, I know she she recently aquirred ablack kitten which she named B. B. Dracula the 13th Jr. Jr. Esquire.

As seen here...

But my mind drifted elsewhere and I commented:

"Good thing I keep up with your notifications. Otherwise I would have thought you had a centuries old vampire living with you. Wait...that would make an excellent sitcom... like ALF but with the undead..."

This stewed in my head all day so when I got home the first thing I did was this image:

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Coming soon...

That's right kiddies. Ridley and Falstaff return and in full color. Im going for a more traditional comic strip feel for this one. Oddly this is coming kinda full circle as the first "finished" images of our boys were colored in this manner.

This will be a one shot most likely self published again. I'll look into some different options on how to do so. The first runs will be pretty rare as I'll probably get 10 or so printed at Office Depot. I'll leave some blank pages for individual sketches of course.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Black Beetle

Digital Painting of Francesco Francavilla's pulp character The Black Beetle.

3 hours Photoshop CS2 Graphire WACOM tablet

I did no sketches or anything. Just sat down in front of the computer and went to town.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Cigar Box Nation Christmas

The members of Cigar Box Nation put together a Christmas album and I did the cover!

If you dont know what a cigar box guitar is, check out the some of the pics and videos on the site. You just might find yourself wanting to build one yourself.

I am excited to announce the free download album, A Cigar Box Guitar Christmas. It features 23 holiday songs performed on cigar box guitars, ukes, dulcimers and more. You can download your copy right now at

Please spread the word to every guitar/music website, chat and forum. Let's have cigar box guitar music ring throughout the world this holiday season! Thanks to everyone who contributed. You guys are the greatest!

-Shane Speal

A Cigar Box Nation Christmas


Kirk Withrow - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies

Knotlenny - Angels We Have Heard on High

Shane Speal - Little Drummer Boy / Lullaby

Ryjaknic Kayducon - Bells and Seegars

Canjo John - Greensleeves

The Jerusalem Mules - Go Tell It on the Mountain

Skeesix - The Holly Bop

All New Genetically Altered Jug Band - Christmas In Jail

Denys Lord - Twas the Night Before Christmas (instrumental)

Gerry Thompson - Steam Grate Holiday

Nicky, MB and Charlie Perry - On Christmas Day

Nathan King - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Matt Towe - Away In a Manger

Wichita Sam - Santa's Back In Town

Ice Bob - I Wrecked My Car At Christmas

Amazing Dick (aka Rich Leufstedt) - A Christmas Song

Henry Lowman - O Tannenbaum

Daddy Stovepipe - Where Would I Go / Do Lord

Brendan DeVallance - Best Christmas

Bluesboy Jag - Wassail Song

"Bemuzik" Belinda Gent - Silent Night

John "Reddog" McNair - Biker Santa on Xmas Night

Noisemaker - It's Christmas

We wish you all a very happy, healthy and musical Christmas and a wonderfully

primitive New Year.