Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Zeke issue 2 cover redo

After working on the pages I decided to change the cover. I think this pose fits the layout better and shows off that Zeke gets tore up when he goes up against a Steam Powered Lawman (robot).

If you're familiar with the Ballad Of John Henry you might be able to surmise how it turns out.

New Zeke Preview

Im inking the new issue of Zeke and wanted to share a preview.

The town is dead but not empty as all the citizens have been hanged and on display in the streets. Zeke has ridden up to the town hall where a zealous judge is conducting another trial / execution.

I really liked how the town hall turned out. Not only is justice blind, but she's be-headed. Its a tiny thing, but she only has one side on the scale she's holding.

Its artistic or something.