Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jiggs Vs Scrubbs

I was thinking about the Jiggs story (or lack there of) and what I had was way too sad and depressing. I've been reading the Schulz bio by David Michaelis. If Jiggs had been a Peanuts character and was playing his banjo in the strip, someone would have walked by and told him to stop or something along those lines.

With Jiggs frailing away on his little open back banjo, who would walk by and tell him he was doing it wrong?

That's when a taller dog in a suit and cowboy hat walked by and drowned out our little hero with his ringing gold plated banjo, three finger picking up a storm. Up walked Merle Scrubbs and proceeded to give Jiggs a "lesson" and proper banjo technique. "People don't wanna hear that old timey plucking" he said. "They wanna here that driving melody!"

"Also stop trying to sing and concentrate on hitting all the right notes"

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