Friday, August 12, 2011


Micheal Hudson of Sequential Pulp Comics just posted this on the Facebook group:

"The next bit of good news is that the Literary Agent for Manly Wade Wellman states we have a deal on the rights to SILVER JOHN. Paper is not in hand but should be forthcoming shortly. I am beside myself to see what our wonder writing duo of Jim and Becky Beard do with Wellman's prose. And just how guitar playing, pencil, ink and color maestro, Thomas Boatwright will do with this super cool character."

So if you haven't guessed in addition to the Halloween Legion, I'll be drawing the Silver John comic adaptation for Sequential Pulp and Dark Horse.


Amber Love said...

That's great news!

shonokin said...

I read about this on Sequential Pulp's facebook page. Congrats on finally getting this wishlist project off the ground.

If you have anything you'd like or could say about the project, please drop me a line and I'll post it at