Friday, January 27, 2012

Commissions for a Kitty

A friend of mine from Deviant Art needs help to pay for her cat. He has crystals and now has a catheter and all the vet stuff that goes along with it. Im offering to do a set of commissions to donate to his care.

Ten open spots for $10.00 9x12 watercolor, but feel free to add any additional amount you like.

Contact me for payment info.

I'll update this list as its filled.

1) Batman and Ivy
2) Wolverine
3) Bulletman
4) Beaker and Pepe
5) Spiderman and Mysterio
6) Rogue and Gambit
7) Wampa
8) Rocketeer and Betty
9) TBD
10)Joker vs Batman

BOOM! This special is closed for now but look out for next week when I'll run another for a smaller size!

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