Friday, July 20, 2012

Attention Shoppers!

Its starting small right now, but my online store will be the place to buy my actual merchandise like digital downloads, low run comics, and other special products I have in the works. Im waiting on the 8x8 Frankenstein sketch book proof right now, so that will be available VERY soon for only $10.00! And how about a handmade set of Baphomet County cards? Look for those and other personal creations in the next few months!

But say digital downloads arent your thing and you cant wait to buy something from me. You can get some of my original art or commission a personal piece of your own at Wednesdays Heroes!

I do marker and water color work or get the most for less with a high res digital file suitable for printing.

"That's great, Thomas, but what if I'm not looking to buy art right now". I hear ya, and I understand completely. All I ask then is to share and tweet my stuff as much as you will.

Thanks everybody!

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