Friday, February 8, 2013

Steampunk'd Baphomet 2 and figure commissions

No idea how long Ill keep these strips up. Just fun things my wife and I talk about. We both got a kick out of saying "oversized novelty pocket watch" for some reason.

And for those of you interested, Im now taking figure commissions of my Baphomet Devil Bat sculpts!

Before I try and make dozens at a time, I'd rather take it slower and just the ones per request.

First up is the basic 3" bottle cap base design. Made from sculpey, wire, and paper wings.

Next is the deluxe version! Slightly larger build, with a tin can base (whatever type I have on hand). The one pictured has a cigar box guitar, but I will try to incorporate any requested prop.

If youre wondering, yes my Monster book is still in the works, but its slower going than I'd hoped. The car emergency and the commissions I needed to take set me back a bit time wise. Also after drawing 10 hours a day, my hand wont let me draw much more.

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