Monday, May 6, 2013

So far and beyond...

Haunted Treasure:

The supernatural pirate themed card game I did all the art and designs on should be coming out this year at some point. I just had to sign a release for a lawyer so it seems to be on track.

Sequential Pulp

The Halloween Legion graphic novel I drew should be released around late September. Just in time for Halloween!

After some creative differences and just being burnt out, Im not doing the Silver John book. What drew me to the project was my personal attachment to the subject matter and sharing that just was not working for me. Long before SP came along, I had wanted to adapt it all by myself and release it for free. Still might do that one day, but for now Ive learned John lives best in my mind when I read Wellman's words.

Howard Lovecraft
Back in 2011 I did full art duties for Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom which is available now and has received some pretty good reviews. Last month I drew the sequel Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of madness which should be out later this year as well.

Outlaw Territory Vol3
 I drew the short "Fifth Ace" in the upcoming vol of this awesome western anthology. Its been an uphill battle for this and it's the last one, so be sure to pick it up at a comic shop this June!

Some Kind of Blue Moon

Writer Michael Stewart contacted me as a big fan of my Zeke Deadwood books. He said he had a werewolf book he wanted me to draw when I got the chance. That time came around last month and I really LOVE this book. A great balance of drama, comedy and horror that fits what I do perfectly. Ive drawn the first 2 chapters and can't wait to get a hold of the third. Ill be very happy to announce when this is ready.

 Paul Allor Projects
Orc Girl was released right at the end of last year. There has been lots of praise for this little story. The biggest compliment I think we've gotten is the request for more. Paul and I are pretty content with how it is, but just like I am with Zeke, there's always the possibility for more. We do have a follow up of sorts if not a direct sequel. Not in the same universe, but if you're a fan Orc Girl, you'll love our next fantasy comic. I get to draw a dragon...

The Monster Book

Its still in the works. Ive gone back on forth on digital vs originals. I work mostly digital so i figured I could knock those out pretty fast during the work day. However, after drawing on a cintiq for 10 hrs, the last thing I want to do is spend my free time doing the same thing. To make it more enjoyable for myself (which should translate to the art) I'm doing them all as a series of 9x12 black and white originals. Still deciding if I want to add an ink wash to them or leave the lines as they are.

The next step is how to print it. I can go with Ka-blam just to get the product done. There's also some local printers other artists have vouched for I can look in to. This would keep the price point around $10 or so. I am, however, VERY tempted to bind my own copies. Making a hardcover isnt all that difficult but it adds a lot of time and materials. Price would probably end up closer to $30-$40 range. But there's that handmade, one of a kind craftsmanship you just dont get with a print on demand book.

and BEYOND!!

My old collaborator Ryan Rubio is working on revising an early project for a new form. My good friend Lincoln Griffin wrote me an amazing script for the comic we're working on. At some point Ill be illustrating a book for Curtis Rx of the band Creature Feature.

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