Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coming Soon! The 13/13 Commission Sale!

On Friday the 13th in June, the only one in 2014, thirteen slots will open for 11x14 pen wash monster sketches! 

Anything keeping with my general aesthetic works. Classic monsters, creepy cute stuff, horror icons etc. Comic fans got lots of choices too. Superman? How bout Bizarro? Spider-Man? How bout Hobgoblin? So on and so forth. Batman pretty much always works.

Subjects not limited to character number. I price by size and medium. So one figure will get more detail in an image than say five will in one. Same for backgrounds. Be as specific as you like, but it'll all get filtered though my abnormal brain! 

High quality paper, warm and cool tones, for $85 each. Free shipping US, $10 shipping everywhere else. 

I'll have a space available in the online store starting at 1300 hours (1pm) June 13, 2014. First come first serve. No excuse for missing out this time!

Mark your calendars, or join up on the fan page:

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