Monday, April 14, 2014

Felt works!

And the resurgence of my etsy store. I've discovered needle felting as a new craft. It's really satisfying creating something you can hold. I still enjoy sculpey, but this is do much more immediate and forgiving. I can do a lot of the work left handed. 

After purchasing a kit I made this little guy free style. 

You can give him a home at only $25, free US shipping $10 international shipping.

After that I started on a Frankenstein's Monster. He's 9" tall and has a wireframe for posability and maybe animation...

I've got a lot more ideas and concepts for future creations. Right now I'm really into staying with black and white while I learn. In addition to all originals, I want to do all the Universal Monsters, Ed Wood, The Marx Bros, Mickey Mouse...the list goes on but you get the idea. I also found a bunch of greens on sale. With a new movie on the way, Godzilla is definitely in the mix soon.

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